We are Houston-based team with the goal of providing much needed aid to those impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Texas Local Disaster Recovery Squad (TXLDRS)

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Houston, Texas | txldrs@icloud.com | (713) 459-2651 | © 2018 Texas LDRS Inc.

Our Story

To date, our all-volunteer team has:

  • Rescued (by boat) over 30 families from flood waters

  • Raised over $30,000 in cash and material donations from friends all over the world Collected, sorted, delivered and distributed over one ton of supplies

  • Identified and served the most neglected parts of Houston and the surrounding area that have received little aid from larger organizations

  • Set up basic survival need distribution points multiple times per day

  • Gone house-to-house in affected neighborhoods to find elderly and disabled people who are unable to travel to distribution points for aid

  • Partnered and shared resources with like-minded groups who are committed to working person-to-person to help accelerate and amplify relief efforts without getting bogged down in red tape

  • Partnered with animal rescue teams to provide donated items and cash

  • Provided people-hours and supplies for cleanup, debris removal, transportation medical help and much-needed reassurance and kindness

  • And much, much more.....

It all started with rising hurricane flood water in Houston and a hastily donated boat in Dallas...


Since Hurricane Harvey began flooding South Texas on August 28, over 350 individual donors and volunteers have come together to create a volunteer rescue and relief organization that is dedicated to being fast, flexible and most of all, EFFECTIVE.


Our work has only just begun. Rebuilding the lives of individuals and families across South Texas will take years.


Our team of social workers, medical personnel, First Responders, construction experts and super-human volunteers is committed to seeing this through.